Diet in Hinduism differs from its sundry religions. The medieval and historic Hindu texts endorse ahimsa or non-violence towards all live organisms, including humans and animals, because they suspect that it decreases the risk of animal deaths.

Most of the Hindus stick to a healthy vegetarian diet that may or…

The bull or cow symbolized in the ancient world the foundation of the earth. The bull is the animal used for plowing the land, threshing, and producing meat, and hence it was attributed traits such as perseverance, determination, and diligence.

The cow’s milk and meat used for food represented qualities…

Yoga, as a religion, has always been a debatable topic. Another debatable topic is whether yoga descended from religion or transformed into spirituality. To consider if yoga is a secular activity has always been a confusing part.

When we look around the world at those who have adopted yoga and…

East Asian Cultures

It’s all about East Asian countries and cultures.

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