Buddhism is hailed to be one of the major religions in China. However, it is necessary to note that Buddhism in China is very much different from that of the world. It follows other theories and is supposed to have various propagators.

Many people believe that Buddhism in China entered through the Silk Road. It was under the rule of the Han Dynasty that Buddhism started in China. Furthermore, it is believed that the trade and travel relations of Yuezhi contributed to the monks coming to China. The monks entered China via the Silk Road and eventually started preaching their…

Hinduism and Buddhism are often hailed to be two of the oldest religions of the world. While Hinduism comes from Sanatana Dharma, many believe that Buddhism is nothing but a branch of Hinduism. However, it is necessary to determine that these are two different branches with various similarities and differences.

Both religions believe in the concept of reincarnation, dharma, and Moksha. However, certain differences make them two different religions all at once. Here, we compare the two most significant religions of the world, Buddhism and Hinduism.

1. Hinduism and Buddhism: country of origin

Hinduism and Buddhism are believed to have been born around the Ganges in northern…

In Buddhism, the devotees believe that death is a natural part of the life cycle. According to them, death leads to rebirth. The belief in reincarnation means that a person’s spirit remains quite near and seeks a new body and a new life. This is quite an essential and comforting principle.

Buddhists do not consider death to be the end of life. Therefore, they are not afraid of death. According to the Buddhist belief, how a person is born and what sort of a life he gets depends on their previous life’s good and bad actions.

Buddhism approach to death

In Buddhism, the people…

Hindu culture follows the concept of Moksha. Moksha means liberation. According to India’s culture, the cycle of life, birth, and death occur once one gets Moksha or liberation.

In the Hindu religion, when someone dies, instead of Rest In Peace, it is customary to say “Om Shanti” or “Aatma ko Sadgati prapt ho” (May your soul attain Moksha). In Indian culture, sadgati means liberation and salvation. There’s a huge concept of Moksha in the Hindu death rituals.

What is death, according to Hindu?

According to Hindu mythology, death is a phase that one undergoes after the individual passes. …

In Indian culture, Aum or Om is a very sacred sound. It is a spiritual Hindu symbol often associated with the Gods. Before the beginning of any auspicious activity in Hinduism, Hindu people prefer saying Om.

It is believed that saying Om or Aum helps redefine the aura and positively impact the mind, body, and soul. However, it is necessary to note that Om isn’t used only by the Hindus but is significantly used in Jainism and Buddhism.

What does the Om Symbol mean in Hinduism?

In Hinduism, Om is one of the most spiritual symbols. …

Diet in Hinduism differs from its sundry religions. The medieval and historic Hindu texts endorse ahimsa or non-violence towards all live organisms, including humans and animals, because they suspect that it decreases the risk of animal deaths.

Most of the Hindus stick to a healthy vegetarian diet that may or may not comprise dairy products and eggs. They believe eggs and dairy products are in a synchronized manner with nature and other life forms.

People usually eat with those individuals who are of equal rank. It is believed that those people who go and eat everywhere are of deficient status…

The bull or cow symbolized in the ancient world the foundation of the earth. The bull is the animal used for plowing the land, threshing, and producing meat, and hence it was attributed traits such as perseverance, determination, and diligence.

The cow’s milk and meat used for food represented qualities such as nourishment, giving, and generosity. Their heavy body structure and slow and cyclical motion gave them features attributed to the earth element’s movement. Many myths and rituals were woven around these two animals.

According to Chinese philosophy, the energy of the earth affects us on two levels:
This energy symbolizes…

Yoga, as a religion, has always been a debatable topic. Another debatable topic is whether yoga descended from religion or transformed into spirituality. To consider if yoga is a secular activity has always been a confusing part.

When we look around the world at those who have adopted yoga and practice yoga daily, there seems to be a built-in contradiction. On the one hand, mainly in western countries, secular institutions worldwide have been practicing yoga. On the other hand, the yogis practice religion, spirituality, mysticism, and yoga.

The answer is almost simple. Despite some similarities, yoga is not a religion…

Yoga is beneficial for spiritual, mental, and physical development. However, one of the most commonly asked questions is, “can yoga help you lose weight?”

Practicing yoga daily can play an essential role in making you the best version of yourself. Yoga does help you lose weight because there are several active poses that you need to practice.

Compared to the gym’s rigorous physical exercises, yoga’s gentle poses can help you lose weight effectively. Different experts have different views regarding yoga and weight loss.

Does hot yoga help you lose weight?

Yoga is already trendy for weight loss. But hot yoga is made of different yoga types. Some…

The truth is that we can do anything to get a good night’s sleep. Be it buying new mattresses and better beds or lowering thermostats, we regularly make more innovative strategies. However, what we may not have considered to date is that Feng Shui can solve this issue. It can tell us some of the most solid strategies for sleeping well at night.

As per experts, Feng Shui does not always mean decorations or accessories in the bedroom; it is a much wider concept. It is about an emotional connection that helps you to understand good and bad vibes. This…

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